Command Centers

Greenwell’s command centers are designed to operate four hydraulic chokes and eight hydraulic valves. Key command center features prevent downtime and improve rig uptime.

Command Center

Considerations Benefits Greenwell


Dual ‘big air’ pumps,
back-up hand pump
Prevents downtime from unexpected failures


1 'big air,' 1 'small air'


Built into
command center
Allows smaller footprint,
quicker rig up time, reduces potential leaks
command center truck and trailer

In addition to operating critical components, Greenwell command centers are equipped with the amenities company personnel need to complete their jobs safely and effectively. Our command centers have desks, dual air conditioning and heating and plenty of space for personnel to monitor rigs, make phone calls and work on their computers. With many customer sites operating in high temperatures much of the year, the cool command centers are a welcome relief to the hot weather and restrictions of company trucks.

While well-outfitted command centers are common across the industry, our command support trailers are uniquely designed to provide special benefits and help run general oilfield operations. For instance, they house air compressors, generators, umbilical hoses and pressure washer systems. Personnel find our pressure washer system to be a more effective and reliable way to clean materials, especially compared to water bottles and rarely available water sources.

Support Trailer

Considerations Benefits Greenwell


Includes high pressure unit
Saves money on damage repair, easy means to clean equipment


Bundled hoses
Speeds up rig time and minimizes
trip hazards

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