Friction Reducers

Excessive frictional pressure is common in extended reach operations. When this occurs, operators are not able to pump at optimal rates for effective hole cleaning and cuttings transportation.

Greenwell continually evaluates friction reducers under varying conditions and develops new products that are the best performers in the market. Based on unbiased, third-party lab results, Greenwell’s Wet Frog™ friction reducers reduce friction better than competing polymers and allow operators to pump higher flow rates at lower costs.

Wet Frog Line vs Leading FR
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Salty Frog FR vs Leading FR in API Brine
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Additional Benefits of Greenwell’s Wet Frog Line

  • Provides the lowest pump pressure in the industry
  • Rapid hydration time – product achieves peak performance faster due to proprietary hydration package
  • High molecular weight, contaminant tolerant and anionic/nonionic-compatible


  • Slick Frog FR-Designed for fresh water through medium bring fluids <4000ppm tds
  • Salty Frog FR-Designed for medium brine through high brine fluids >4000ppm tds
  • Frog Snot 100-Dual functional product for FR and viscosifier