Only highly effective lubricants that significantly lower the metal on metal coefficient of friction reduce torque and drag.

Greenwell’s Quick Line™ of lubricants have the lowest coefficient of friction compared to other drilling fluids. Quick Line’s nano-bead technology allows operators to reach the last plugs in the horizontal interval without sticking the coil tubing unit.

Lubricity Coefficient of Various Drilling Fluids
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Quick Drill Lubricant vs. Leading Oil-Based Lubricant
Lubricity Coefficient per Inch Pounds of Torque
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Additional Benefits of Greenwell’s Quick Line

  • Nanoparticle technology – many Greenwell lubricants contain nano beads to provide additional lubricity
  • Vegetable-oil based options available – provides disbursement in water and lubricates metal-on-rock friction
  • Highest temperature performing lubricant available on the market – no sign of degradation or loss of performance in temperatures up to 500° Fahrenheit
  • Proprietary ‘green’ blends available – environmentally-friendly solutions


  • Quick Drill®
    High temperature (>450° F) lubricant with nano beads. Contains surfactant, gellent and clay control properties. Can be used in OBM, WBM or SBM.
  • Quick Reel™
    High temperature (>450° F) lubricant with nano beads designed specifically for coil tubing. Contains surfactant, corrosion inhibitor and gellant. Effective in aqueous fluids.
  • EPL-50, EPL-55, EPL-56, EPL-60-Extreme pressure lubricants