Mixing Plant Services

Greenwell acquires Exclusive Energy Services and now operates 16 mixing plants.

Optimal chemical mixing and delivery for coil tubing, work-over and frac jobs saves operators costs and shortens the completion cycle by cleaning the wellbore more effectively.

Mixing Plants

Greenwell’s highly-automated DAS (Data Acquisition System) mixing plants enable chemicals to mix properly and be delivered precisely for improved well clean-out. The plants’ command centers use automated controls to monitor S.A.M, pressures, temperatures, T.D.S., pH levels, viscosity and other critical readings so that chemicals can be applied to the wellbore in optimal quantities and intervals, all while removing human error. The data acquisition capabilities continuously improve customers’ job performance and provide better informed decisions for future wells. See our mixing plants product sheet for how our solution creates more efficient jobs and keeps employees safe on location.



Chemical Support Trailers

Coil tubing companies need a solution to hydrate chemicals that is cost effective and eliminates carrying chemical inventory. Greenwell’s support trailers are stand-alone units with in-line static mixers that provide optimal chemical blending and tie into the coil tubing units via one line.

When customers choose our consignment chemical option, we manage beginning inventory, deliveries and ending inventory, and customers only pay for chemicals used. See our chemical support trailer sheet to learn about our simplified option.


Product Sheets