Pressure Control/Flowback Services

Pressure control equipment and processes that adhere to the latest safety measures support our customers’ number-one goal of zero incidents and give them peace of mind that their teams are using the safest designs on the market. Greenwell’s turnkey pressure control services are designed to keep personnel operating at safe distances from wells. Personnel monitor and control plug catchers and manifolds remotely from fully-equipped command centers.

Greenwell’s pressure control systems are specifically designed for fast deployments, quick rig uptimes and downtimes and safe work practices. Many competing solutions fall short in meeting customers’ expectations.

Pressure Control Buyer's Guide – Overall Design

Considerations Benefits Greenwell


Hydraulic and
manual options
Meets each client’s design specifications


4 hydraulic chokes & 8 hydraulic valves
Scales to job size;
only need one command
center for large jobs


Dedicated rig up and
rig down crews
Rig ups typically 75%
faster than competition

Not standard practice


Long-term relationships
with same crew
Maintains knowledge of
rig-specific standards


Pre-loaded trailers, customer site spares
immediate deployment,
reduces downtime

Less extensive


Operate some of the
newest in industry
equipment failure

20 years old is common


100% biodegradable oil used for land jobs
Maintains state
of location

Often inexpensive oil


Standard for all jobs
Prevents iron separation
if unexpected
union failure

When requested

Because pre-planning is rare, operators also need pressure equipment delivered quickly and efficiently. Greenwell is prepared to deploy equipment and personnel at a moment’s notice. We have a complete line of pressure control inventory, fully stocked and ready to load and go. In fact, for common jobs such as toe preps and clean-outs, Greenwell has pre-loaded monorail trailers, prepped with project-specific equipment that can be deployed immediately. We also maintain extensive spare parts on customer job sites in the event equipment is damaged. This eliminates customer downtime before resuming operations.

Our pressure control personnel are extremely familiar with our customers’ locations. They have thorough knowledge of well sites, driving directions and the environment. We also hold daily safety meetings to address constantly changing job conditions and surroundings. Our personnel arrive at customers’ locations on time and prepared to work in difficult conditions such as extreme heat or dry weather.

Our line of pressure control equipment includes external screen plug catchers, dual hydraulic choke manifolds and command centers.

All of Greenwell’s pressure control equipment adheres to API6A, PSL3-PR1, H2S and NACE protocols. Most jobs are done with standard service 2’’ and 3’’ flow iron but H2S flow iron is available upon request. Additionally, most of our equipment is brand new, with no wear and tear, mitigating the chance of equipment failure. We operate all hydraulic equipment on 100% biodegradable oil to ensure customer locations remain in the same state as prior to our arrival.

+ Applications

- Applications

  • Toe prep and clean-outs
  • Coil tubing drill outs
  • Workover rig drill outs
  • Snubbing jobs
  • Well control jobs

+ Flowback and Well Testing Services

- Flowback and Well Testing Services

  • Well flow monitoring
  • Fluids measurement
  • Gas rate
  • Solids recovery
  • Real-time data reporting

+ Stages Supported

- Stages Supported

  • Tubing conveyed perforations
  • FRAC plug drill-outs
  • FRAC flowbacks
  • Flaring operations
  • Production