Scale Inhibitors

Scales formed due to water incompatibilities during the fracturing stage, can lead to tubing failure. Greenwell’s inhibitors prevent such incompatibilities to extend the life of coil tubing and related equipment.

The SWAT Line™ inhibitors treat a broad range of scale types and penetrate the crystalline structures to prevent them from forming.

  • Resistant to ferric irons that break down most inhibitors on the market
  • Solutions work at low dosages
  • Outstanding performance in iron levels up to 400ppm
  • High tolerance to soluble calcium over 120,000ppm

+ Solutions

- Solutions

  • SL-200/SI-410 – Scale inhibitor for barium sulfate. Prevents nucleation, crystal growth, and iron and calcium scales from forming.
  • SL-300/SI-402N/SI-410N/SI-415N - Scale inhibitor for treatment of calcium carbonate, calcium sulfate and strontium sulfite scales. Effective in all brine systems and production temperatures up to 250°F; downhole treatments stable from 40-500°F.
  • SI-402/SI-458 – Scale squeeze inhibitor. Phosphate ester/high calcium tolerant phosphonate. Temperature limit 180°F.
  • SI-490/499 – Scale Inhibitor. High calcium tolerant phosphonate along with polyacrylate.

+ Combination Products

- Combination Products

  • CSI-152/CI-153 – Combination corrosion/scale inhibitor.
  • CSI-154N/CI-159N – Combination corrosion/scale inhibitor. High calcium tolerant corrosiveness to steel; added surfactants for performance.
  • CSI-156/CI-162 – Combination corrosion/scale inhibitor. Combines two forms of phosphonate scale inhibitor for increased performance.

+ Other Scale Inhibitor Products

- Other Scale Inhibitor Products

  • GS-55 – Gas sweetener
  • GYPSOL – Calcium sulfate converter
  • SCC-102 – Scale control caps