In a horizontal wellbore, fluid velocity is not adequate to clean the hole effectively. As such, high-cutting carrying capacity polymers are required to clean the hole and prevent stuck pipe and other related problems.

Greenwell’s Well Snot™ line provides a premium viscosity profile for cleaning the horizontal wellbore and includes gel slurries, dry powders and polymers.

  • Liquid xanthan gum product delivers the highest thixtropic properties in the industry
  • Slurried systems are environmentally-friendly, possess no BETX and have extended shelf life to deliver a uniform quick-yielding product


  • WS-100-High viscosity xanthan gel slurry designed for aqueous-based fluids and contaminant tolerant
  • WS-200-Standard viscosity xanthan gel slurry
  • WS-300-Xanthan gel dry powder
  • WS-400-HEC linear gel slurry
  • WS-500-PHPA polymer
  • Liquid breaker