Dual Hydraulic Manifold

Operators need reliable equipment that will last under the rigorous conditions of the oilfield environment. Greenwell’s manifold is designed with dual hydraulic valves and dual manual valves. In the rare case that one side washes out, a secondary side is available while repairs are made to the primary side.

Unlike some competitors, Greenwell spends time and investment to design manifold features that reduce customers’ short- and long-term costs.

Considerations Benefits Greenwell


Eliminates wear and tear

Carbide or not


Before and after
plug catcher
Alerts to pressure differential


Piston design
Reduces choke damage
tickets up to 50%, chokes cycle in 5 seconds

450 psi

Wormgear-1500 psi/slower cycle

Additional Benefits of Greenwell’s Choke Manifold

  • Operated from Greenwell’s command center – Keeps personnel at a safe distance.
  • Five- and nine-valve box manifolds available.
  • Manifolds, gas busters, gas and flow lines all transported together via Greenwell’s monorail trailers – Protects equipment and enables efficient delivery.

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