Unique design of oscillation device goes beyond the capabilities of a washer tool without relying on elastomers or moving parts.

Scale, migrating fines, paraffin, drilling mud and asphaltenes all increase wellbore blockage and reduce production. Clients need a solution that restores the conductivity of formations and increases production, both immediately and long-term.

Greenwell’s G-Terminator™ service combines Greenwell’s custom-blended chemicals with a proprietary-designed oscillation tool to open orifices cost-effectively. While alternative solutions, such as ball outs, pin point injection packers and high-velocity tools may place undue stress on tubulars and have a limited effect on formation stimulation, the G-Terminator gently breaks up material and removes it rather than bypassing blockage. Additionally, the service does not just improve immediate production, but compared to frac-only jobs, it resulted in higher productivity rates even one year after application.

The oscillation tool enhances chemical reaction by increasing the surface area for Greenwell’s specialty-blended chemicals. Coil tubing and pump services run the G-Terminator service and manage appropriate pressures for effective function.

Over 6,500 wells in 26 states and 37 international areas have successfully been treated with the oscillation tool. It’s proven effective in wells from 90 feet to 27,000 feet, including cleaning out scale at 27,000 ft.


+ Completions: Pre-Frac

- Completions: Pre-Frac

  • Prepare prior to stimulation
  • Clean-out wellbore
  • Prepare formation for hydraulic fracturing

+ Completions: Post-Frac

- Completions: Post-Frac

  • Remove deposits from all perforations, frac extensions and near wellbore area
  • Stimulate high permeability formations

+ Production

- Production

  • Clean-out fill from open hole, casing or tubing
  • Remove scale deposits from tubing and casing
  • Prepare for gravel or frac packing
  • Address post-production decline

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