Preventing bacteria contamination of the wellbore greatly minimizes the chance for corrosive agents to form in the future. Bacteria can generate problems such as H2S, under deposit corrosion, organic acids and plugging agents. With Greenwell’s EPA-registered biocide line, customers minimize bacteria-related problems, thereby reducing chemical spending over the life of the wells.

Greenwell offers a dry biocide in a water-soluble bag. Compared to liquid biocides, our dry biocide is easier to handle and reduces the chance of exposure to employees. Liquid options are also available for customers that prefer traditional biocides.


  • IDB-80 – Water soluble, 15% gluteraldehyde
  • IDB-90 – 25% Glutaraldehyde material
  • IDB-120-15% Peracetic acid
  • Sodium Hypochlorite – Bleach/biocide. 12.5% chlorine bleach solution in water.