Case Study

Client: Mid-Sized Operator Of More Than 300 Oil Wells

Location: Ector and Midland Counties in Permian Basin

Overview: This operator produces mostly from the Wolfcamp and Sprayberry geological formations, with well depths ranging from 7,000 feet to 9,000 feet. While the majority of the locations are standard completions, about 10% of the locations are horizontal wellbore completions.

Challenge: Severe corrosion-related problems that require pulling 30 wells on average per month.

Solution: Solids clean-up and corrosion treatment programs.

Average Produced Water Iron Counts:
Prior to Program: 120 mg/L
After 4 Months of Greenwell Program: 5 mg/L

Iron counts decreased 95% in 4 months.

Average Monthly Well Failure:
Prior to Program: 30
After 4 Months of Greenwell Program: 5

The operator significantly reduced its monthly expenses for tubular replacement.

Average Monthly Well Failure:

Well failures decreased 83% after implementing Greenwell chemical program.