Demulsifiers/Water Clarification

Greenwell’s demulsifiers break emulsions and reduce emulsion tendencies, which enable the operator to sell larger quantities of oil. They also reduce the need to work over the well, improving ROI. Greenwell’s water clarification products extend the life of saltwater disposal wells and water floods. The solutions can be used to coagulate solids in settling applications, coagulate prior to treating vessels and resolve reverse emulsions.

Our most commonly used demulsifiers include resins, sulfonates, polyols, polyol esters or diepoxides, paraffin solvents and paraffin inhibitors.


+ Well Stimulation and Clean-out - Well Stimulation and Clean-out
  • TL-10-Interfacial reducing surfactant
  • TL-20-Flowback enhancer
  • TL-100 – Reduces oil-water emulsions and gives clean breaks at the interface between water and oil. Non-emulsifying blend of nano fluids that’s effective in CO2 floods and water floods.
  • TL-200 – Effective broad-range demulsifier that reduces surface tension. Nano fluid technology for EOR that’s biodegradable and non-emulsifying.
  • TL-300-Biodegradable solvent
+ Demulsifiers - Demulsifiers
  • D-005 – Quick oil dehydration water-based product
  • D-023, D-83 – Combination paraffin solvent/paraffin inhibitor
  • D-041, D-047, D-049– General oil treatment compound
  • D-052, D-053, D-057, D-059, D-062, D-077, D-083, D-098 – General oil treatment compound and oil polisher
  • D-076 – Paraffin solvent
  • DE-010, DE-020, DE-022– General oil treatment, oil polisher and fast water dropping compound
+ Emulsion Remediation - Emulsion Remediation
  • D-006, D-050, D-051 – Emulsion breakers
  • NEA-211 – Micellar/mutual solvent package
+ Paraffin Solvents - Paraffin Solvents
  • PS-204 – Mix of straight chain and aromatic hydrocarbon solvents
  • PS-209 – Mix of aromatic hydrocarbon-based solvents with sulfonate
  • PW-292 – Used in hot watering applications
  • PW-293 – Paraffin wash
+ Combination Products - Combination Products
  • PI-217 – Paraffin inhibitor/dispersant/pour point depressant
  • PI-218, PI-219, PI-220, PI-221, PI-222, PI-223 – Paraffin inhibitors/dispersants