Foamers & Defoamers

Water influxes during the drilling phase increase the hydrostatic pressure, slowing down drilling operations. Reducing hydrostatic pressure allows the operator to drill the tophole section faster. In production, removing water from gas-depleted producing formations is vital for maintaining production rates.

Greenwell’s drilling foamers allow operators to improve drilling and production rates and are designed for multiple applications ranging from batch, continuous backside or capillary string.

  • Applicable in wide variety of salinities and temperatures, including high-salinity water >120,000 chlorides
  • Effective in presence of hydrocarbon contamination
  • All tested for effectiveness in temperatures above 250°F, and most products have a winterized version available

A comprehensive foaming technology also requires an effective defoaming solution. During the drilling process, foam forms as air is entrained into the fluids system. Foam causes the mud pumps to cavitate and make the pumps inoperative. In production, foam prevents separation of wellbore fluids and can lead to fluid carryover.

Greenwell’s defoamer line reduces foam and keeps operations running smoothly.


+ Foamers - Foamers
  • F-222 – Concentrated heavy brine foamer
  • F-223 – Multiple applications and brine matrices
  • F-224 – Lower active version of F-223
  • F-225 – Lowest activity foamer in product line
  • F-SB3 – Concentrated brine foamer. Effective use in brines between 45,000 - 80,000 mg/L TDS.
  • F-475 EXP – Concentrated brine foamer. Effective use in brines below 100,000 mg/L TDS.
  • GES-FM701C – General-purpose foaming agent for any strength HcL, brine and contaminated water
+ Defoamers - Defoamers
  • DA-10 – KCL defoamer
  • DA-11 – Silicone defoamer
  • DF-106 – Oil based defoamer
  • DF-110 – A combination defoamer/antifoam material
+ Silicone Products - Silicone Products
  • Silcone Base, 28% active
  • SS-29 – Hard white soap sticks (LSS-529)
  • SS-62 – Conroe red soap sticks
  • SS-72 – Soft white soap sticks
  • SS-82 – Hard white soap sticks
  • SS-92 – Fast red combination sticks
+ Combination Products - Combination Products
  • MP-310 – Foamer /corrosion inhibitor/scale inhibitor/Alkylpyridine/high calcium tolerant phosphonate. Foam levels of 3,000 ppm.
  • MP-312 – Foamer/corrosion inhibitor/scale inhibitor/Alkylpyridine /high calcium tolerant phosphonate. Foam levels of 6,000 ppm
  • MP-314 – Foamer/corrosion inhibitor/scale inhibitor/quaternized imidazoline/high calcium tolerant phosphonate. Foam levels of 4,000 ppm
  • MP-318 – Foamer/corrosion inhibitor/scale inhibitor/Alkylpyridine/two phosphonate materials. Product is formulated with stronger scale emphasis than corrosion
  • MP-320/MP-323 – Foamer/corrosion inhibitor/scale inhibitor
  • MP-321 – Foamer/corrosion inhibitor/scale inhibitor/Alkylpyridine /high calcium tolerant phosphonate. Higher concentration of corrosion inhibitor than other products
  • MP-348 – Foamer /corrosion inhibitor