Case Study

Client: Large Oil And Gas Operator

Location: Northwestern Louisiana

Overview: The client operates several-hundred gas wells in Bossier and Desoto parishes.

Challenge: The operator produces gas from different zones of the Hosston and Cotton Valley formations. The produced water from each of the zones was incompatible. When mixed together, they formed barium sulfate scale. This type of scale is acid-insoluble and costly to remove.

Solution: The Greenwell team conducted a thorough review of the locations and recommend using a custom-blended scale inhibitor along with a capillary string delivery system to resolve the problem.

Result: The operator was able to re-complete the wells with dual production zones. It saved the operator the cost of drilling another offset well to produce gas from the lower zone. The chemical program also reduced problems the scale had caused with surface equipment. Greenwell’s program evolved into a multipurpose treatment application for corrosion, scale and liquid unloading.