Well Stimulation

Chemicals alone are often not enough to remove stubborn well debris such as scale, paraffin and drilling mud. Greenwell’s well stimulation and cleanout service, the G-Terminator™, combines Greenwell chemicals with a proprietary-designed oscillation tool to open perforations cost-effectively and enhance revenue immediately. Clients often recover the cost of the service in less than 30 days. Whether boosting stimulation on an older well or using Greenwell's tool on a simple acid job, the G-Terminator goes far and above other services, increasing production immediately after deployment.

Client: Texron Operating, LLC

State: Texas
County: Newton
Formation: Wilcox
Well: Texaco Fee #1
G-Terminator Service Date: 9/4/2013


“Since we’ve operated this well it has not produced over 5 bbl/day. Greenwell’s G-Terminator service boosted production over 400%. It was quick and easy with barely any downtime. I’m extremely pleased with the results.”

— John Day, President of Texron Operating, LLC

Proven by more than 250 oil and gas companies, the oscillation tool has successfully treated more than 6,500 wells in 26 states and 37 international areas.

Client: ZK Petroleum Company, LLC

State: Texas
Formation: Frio Deep-Seated Salt Dome fields


“We tried chemical and hot oil treatments but they only had a minimal effect…. After deploying the [G-Terminator] service, production came back on line at rates above levels when we first drilled the well years ago. And we keep seeing improvements. Nearly every 10 days, production is increasing by roughly
a barrel

— Parvez Sheikh, Managing Director of ZK Petroleum

Chemical Solutions:

+ Acids - Acids
  • 15% Hydrochloric acid
  • 15% Hydrochloric acid, dilution of 20 BE
  • 31% Hydrochloric acid
  • AS-25 – Acid sticks
  • KCL-SUB-1 – Liquid KCL substitute, concentrate
  • KCL-SUB-2 – Liquid KCL substitute, 1/2 strength of KCL SUB I
  • KCL-SUB-III – Liquid KCL substitute, 1/4 strength of KCL SUB I
  • KCL-SUB-IV – Liquid KCL substitute, 1/2 strength of KCL SUB V
  • KCL-SUB-V – Liquid KCL substitute, concentrate
+ Surfactants - Surfactants
  • S-506 – Acid surfactant. Phosphoric acid added for removal of carbonate and sulfide-based scales and deposits.
  • S-507 – Acid surfactant. Glacial acetic acid added for removal of carbonate and sulfide-based scales and deposits.
  • S-508 – Iron sulfide dissolver, THPS based
  • S-509 – Surfactant. Benzyl quaternary amine-based
  • S-510 – Surfactant. Benzyl quaternary amine-based concentrate
  • S-512 – Iron sulfide dissolver, THPS based
  • S-590 – Salt inhibitor
+ Other - Other
  • Clean-up stick for treatment of oilfield water
  • MP-526 – Dispersant
  • IF-144 – Interface compound. Aids in solid dehydration & control