Quick Line Lubricants

Finding an effective lubricant that provides protection from fatigue and wear, performs in high temperatures and falls within the environmentally-friendly category can be difficult. But Greenwell’s Quick Line of products fills this need by delivering a "green" blend that provides enhanced lubricity by lowering the coefficient of friction in both water- and oil-based fluid systems in which dosage ranges of 0.5-3.0% by volume are applied. Because we provide only chemicals that have exceeded competing solutions’ thresholds in blind tests, the Quick Line’s performance in temperatures is the highest on the market. In fact, our products show no sign of degradation or loss of performance in temperatures up to 500°F.

Quick Drill, Quick Reel and Quick HT are blended using the Quick Line lubricant combined with special additives unique to the specific challenges faced in the drilling, completion and production phases. And both Quick Drill and Quick Reel are modified with nanoparticle technology, a non-foaming surfactant that provides superior protection.

Quick Drill
Designed specifically for the drilling phase, the proprietary additives in Quick Drill reduce metal-to-metal and metal-to-rock wear, lower drag and friction, extend drill string, casing and surface equipment life and enhance cuttings removal.

Quick Reel
Quick Reel is specially blended with a corrosion inhibitor and self-activating gallant. The addition of thermal stability and viscocity to gel sweeps aids in cuttings and sand removal, helps in the cooling of bits and mills, and promotes clay control and stabilization. It also enables significantly quieter and smoother running pumps, extending the life of the fluid ends and other components.