About Us

Greenwell is an oilfield service provider that focuses on driving efficiency during each well’s lifecycle from completion to production. We specialize in engineered chemical solutions and safe flow back pressure control services and bring declining wells back to their production potential.

Our three main business units are completion services,
production services and wholesale services

Providing the best-performing chemicals available

At Greenwell, we continually conduct unbiased, third-party testing to make sure we provide only the best solutions on the market. We also leverage in-house manufacturing and blending services to design solutions for customers’ specific applications. Most of our customers find they can use fewer chemicals and achieve better results with our help.

Delivering the safest pressure control services

We offer some of the newest equipment in the industry, which allows personnel to control pressures at safe distances away from the wells in our state-of-the-art command centers.

Returning well production to their days of glory

Our well stimulation service removes debris from the wellbore to boost production immediately. We also provide production chemical maintenance services to maintain the highest production possible. Our well stimulation and cleanout service works for oil, gas, injection and saltwater disposal wells.

Servicing chemical and oilfield equipment wholesale markets with immediate inventory

For mixing plant companies, we maintain a comprehensive line of specialty chemicals. For wellhead and FRAC valve rental companies, we provide quality oilfield equipment that’s immediately available at affordable prices.

Staying true to our number-one goal

We provide high-performing solutions that minimize customers’ environmental footprints.