Operators and service companies are adopting secondary containment to minimize water and land impact. In turn, they are able to eliminate costly spill clean-ups, improve community images, comply with changing regulations and, of course, decrease mobilization time.

Customers switch to Greenwell because their containment solutions don’t perform as expected. Greenwell’s solutions are ruggedized and designed specifically for the demands of the oilfield environment. Too many products on the market are not built to withstand daily activities at well sites.

Secondary Containment Buyer's Guide

Considerations Benefits Greenwell


60 mil liners
Avoids tears that can lead to accidental leaks

Most 30-40
mil liners


Frame-steel walls
Supports hoses laying over walls, enables personnel/equipment to move in, out of barrier

and foam


Custom designed
Sized to specific site requirements, decreases number of walls

Pieced together


Turnkey service
One call to clean equipment, remove old materials and replace with new

Some installation only


Turnkey service
Technicians visit sites and assess containment weekly

Reactive Support


Crews remain on-site until installation completed, don't leave if rig site delays

Not always dedicated

Lifecycle Management

As part of providing a reliable solution, we partner with customers during each step of the containment cycle. For every customer, we provide site surveys, custom-designed solutions, installation, service and maintenance and replacement of worn containment—all for a solution that customers can count on each and every time.

Environmental Remediation and Protection

We also understand that no plan is 100% fail-proof and that accidents can happen. Our Green Line of environmental remediation and protection services supports customers when they need effective solutions immediately – after accidental spills and contamination. Green Dog™ and Green Machine™ clean spills easily and efficiently. Green Dog crosslinks in hydrocarbons and skims from water, thereby leaving the non-impacted water in its existing state. Green Machine crosslinks in water and skims from oil, so the remaining hydrocarbons are not impacted. Both solutions form a solid plastic-like material that can be transported off-site.