Case Study A

Client: Major Operator

Job Type: New Well

Location: Section 20, Block 40 T-3-s, Midland County, Texas

Challenge: The operator drilled the well to the top of the Devonian (11,800’) and top-set a 7” casing in the Devonian. A kick-off plug was set, and the well was drilled horizontally to a total TMD of 16,500’. Torque and drag were experienced 2,200’ into the lateral. This required a significant amount of added horsepower to keep drilling operations on schedule.

Well Depth: 16,500’ TMD 12,200’ TVD

Solution: 4 pounds per barrel of EPL-50 added to the well

Normal Backspin:
Prior to EPL-50: 8-1/2 rounds
After EPL-50: 1/2 round

Torque reduction improved operations and reduced drilling expenses.


Case Study B

When customers choose Greenwell lubricants, they reduce the amount of required chemical and achieve a higher running weight. See below how Greenwell lubricants deliver excellent performance.

Client: Major Operator

Job Type: CT plug drill-out for horizontal well completion
Location: Eagle Ford
Challenge: Large number of deviations (several with high degrees
of inclination)
Well Depth: 13,321’ MD

Running Weight (K lbs)

With Greenwell, this operator uses 83% less lubricant
and still enjoys an 11% higher running weight.