Corrosion Inhibitors

Our customers need effective corrosion inhibitors to decrease the rate of corrosion across critical metal components. By managing restrictions from corrosion buildup, our customers maintain production and minimize downtime from replacing damaged equipment.

+ Solutions

- Solutions

  • SL-100 – Filming corrosion inhibitor. Cationic solution used in aqueous fluids to protect from H2S and other corrosive elements. Oil-dispersable and water-soluble.
  • CI-111 – Corrosion Inhibitor/alkylpyridine /benzyl quat. Amine contains surfactants and dispersants for cleaning and performance.
  • CI-115, CI-115-5 – Corrosion Inhibitor/alkylpyridine /imidazoline added surfactant for solids removal and product dispersibility.
  • CI-117, CI-118, CI-173 – Water soluble corrosion inhibitors
  • CI-138 – Corrosion inhibitor/alkylpyridine. Contains surfactants for additional cleaning properties.
  • CI-142, CI-142-5 – Corrosion Inhibitor/imidazoline. Slight water dispersibility; added demulsifier to reduce emulsion potential
  • CI-147 – Corrosion Inhibitor /imidazoline. High water dispersibility; added surfactant and demulsifier for product performance
  • CI-151 – Corrosion inhibitor
  • CI-171 – Corrosion inhibitor/imidazoline. Contains quat. Amine based surfactant for added inhibition and cleaning properties.
  • CI-174 – Concentrated Imidazoline product for batch treatments
  • CI-178 – Corrosion inhibitor /alkylpyridine /imidazoline. Three phase pipeline inhibitor/gas phase is inhibited by non VCH type materials.
  • CS-10 – Corrosion stick
  • BBC-30 – Corrosion inhibitor for drilling pipe

+ Combination Products

- Combination Products

  • MP-305 – Corrosion inhibitor/surfactant
  • DA-370 – Combination corrosion/scale, high temperature, high brine compatibility, air drilling or fluid drilling

+ Other Solutions

- Other Solutions

  • AI-20 – Acid inhibitor
  • Packer Fluid – Corrosion inhibitor, biocide, oxygen scavenger
  • DA-30 – Filming amine