Salt Water Disposal Well Optimization

SWDW separation techniques can be primitive, resulting in pumping solids and oil downhole. The build-up of solids in disposal wells increases maintenance costs and reduces the amount of water that operators can inject down hole. Operators must buy additional pumps and clean out their wells frequently to combat rising pressures and reduced injection rates. This approach is costly, wasteful and short-term. Clients need a solution that knocks out solids for good, so they can put more water down hole.

Greenwell’s disposal well program eliminates solids with a combination of chemicals, filtration and well cleanout services. This comprehensive approach minimizes the amount of suspended solids that enter the well and prevents solids from reforming down hole. This prolongs the life of the well and returns the formation to its original porosity and permeability (P&P).

Operators reduce their maintenance costs when they partner with Greenwell for well disposal services. Because of Greenwell’s thorough lab testing and custom-blended chemicals, clients often use fewer chemicals and lower volumes of chemical to remove solids from their disposal wells. Additionally, Greenwell’s program is so effective, wells require fewer cleanouts.