Treating Services

Truck Treating

Accurate chemical delivery is critical to maintaining well programs. Greenwell operates a new fleet of fifteeen treater trucks across Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma. The trucks inject chemicals downhole using sophisticated technology that includes flow meters, fluid meters, high-pressure pumps and low-pressure pumps. The treater trucks can hold up to six different chemicals and are fully automated for precise chemical injection.

Continuous Application

Deployed Test Trailer

Prior to deploying continuous injection services, Greenwell uses test trailers to evaluate recommended chemicals and their effectiveness. The trailers are transportable stand-alone units, each having built-in pumps and solar panels to provide electricity.

Following successful chemical testing via test trailers, Greenwell deploys continuous injection services for wells that are high-producing or face ongoing debris buildup. Chemical tanks, containment and site glass are provided next to wells and drip lines provide a constant chemical flow.